Monday, July 28, 2014

That is SO last week

We just can’t make this stuff up. That’s why being an employment lawyer is so much fun and so challenging.  As July comes to a close and the true dog days approach, we recognize that this summer has been a big one for employment law.  Here’s a brief respite from the race to keep up:  HR Morning's Workplace Follies.
On a more serious note, Inside Counsel covered the 4 Biggest Labor and Employment Stories of July, calling the EEOC's pregnancy guidance the biggest. (We don’t disagree, but counsel perspective.)  We can’t wait to see what August has in store.
In other developments:
  • An Indiana Corrections Facility might be more like Orange is the New Black than it should be.  A Substance Abuse Counselor alleges that employees have sex on her desk – which doesn't contribute to her hostile work environment claim – and regularly engage in sex discrimination.
  • Underscoring the importance of knowing federal, state, and municipal laws, the National Employment Law Project – a plaintiff-oriented organization – published its Ban the Box Resource Guide, showing that more than 65 city ordinances prohibit questions about criminal backgrounds on employment applications.
Wage & Hour
  • Apple faced a wage and hour class action on Tuesday when a class alleging failure to compensate rest periods, among other complaints, was certified.
  • Wage & Hour Insights covered the “Most Obvious FLSA Decision of 2014” in which the Fifth Circuit unequivocally allowed an employer to establish the workweek. 
  • The Chicago Tribune expects wages to increase as employees feel more confident and look for other positions.
Posted by: Kate Bischoff