Monday, December 8, 2014

That is SO Last Week

Last week was a rough one for Sony Pictures.  The company had recently suffered a devastating hack, purportedly originating from North Korea in retaliation for Sony’s new movie The Interview. (The government of North Korea adamantly denies involvement.) Sensitive and confidential information on Sony profits, as well as wage information on thousands of employees – including top executives – is now spread across the internet for all to see.  The wage information revealed a lack of diversity in Sony’s executive ranks and gender and race-based wage gaps. Commentators point out that like the tech industry, the entertainment industry suffers from a lack of worker diversity.

The hackers, who identify themselves as “GOP” or Guardians of Peace, exposed the social security numbers and personnel files of Sony’s employees.  Some of the affected employees subsequently received a threatening email asking them to join the hackers in denouncing Sony or face the prospect that they and their families “will be in danger.” 

In other developments:

  • Jeff Nowak covered when an employer is put on notice of the need for FMLA leave.
Background Checks
  • Uber was hit with a class action claiming the ride-sharing company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Posted by: Kate Bischoff