Monday, January 12, 2015

That is SO last week

Last week, teen clothier Wet Seal closed more than 300 stores, giving  very little notice to nearly 3,700 affected employees.  Only 173 stores and Wet Seal's online business will remain open.  Just prior to the closings, Wet Seal distributed a script to management  describing how to break the news.  The script and the lack of notice have resulted in a lot of negative attention for the company. Workers protested with signs in store windows and an active Twitter campaign claiming that Wet Seal is unfair to its workers.
Wet Seal was the subject of controversy in 2013 as well, when it suffered boardroom drama and a race discrimination suit.  The suit, which began with a probable cause finding by the EEOC and ultimately settled for $7.5 million, claimed that the store routinely discriminated against African Americans because they do not fit the “Armani look” (i.e. white, blond, thin, and blue-eyed).
In other developments:
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Posted by: Kate Bischoff