Monday, February 9, 2015

That is SO last week

Last week, the EEOC released its fiscal year 2014 enforcement and litigation data.  While agency-initiated litigation was up slightly, to 133 lawsuits, the overall number of charges of discrimination filed was down.  The EEOC cites the government shutdown as the primary reason for the decrease.

In its press release and corresponding tables, the EEOC describes the types of charges that make up the 88,778 it processed during FY 2014.  The most common basis?  Retaliation, which was alleged in 42.8% of charges.  Race discrimination charges were the second most frequently filed, followed by sex discrimination charges.  30% of all charges filed contained allegations of harassment, including sexual harassment and harassment on the basis of race, disability, or other protected class status.

In other developments:

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Posted by: Kate Bischoff