Monday, October 5, 2015

That is SO last week

Last week saw a lot of media coverage about “Yelp for People.”  The app, called Peeple, allows users to rate friends, co-workers, and romantic partners based on a five-star rating system.  Recruiters could review the ratings of potential employees to see unsolicited ratings and reviews of candidates. The app launched a firestorm of Internet rage and media criticism.  The Washington Post wrote, “Where to even begin with [the] harms?”  Even John Oliver weighed in with his particular brand of criticism (NSFW).
In other developments:
  • The City of Minneapolis is considering a proposal that would require employers with one or more employees to provide paid sick leave and notice of work schedules four weeks in advance. 
  • HR Bartender asked what happens if an employer wants a refund for an overpayment to an employee.