Monday, May 9, 2016

That is SO last week

Last week, the EEOC continued its efforts to include sexual orientation and gender identity as forms of prohibited sex discrimination under Title VII.  The agency obtained a $140,000 settlement from a technology company that barred a transgender employee from the workplace after she announced her intention to transition from male to female.  The EEOC also issued a new fact sheet on bathroom access for transgender employees.  The fact sheet followed North Carolina’s enactment of legislation that requires individuals to use bathrooms that match the gender stated on their birth certificate.  Just today, North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the federal government over its “bathroom bill.”
  • The EEOC obtained a nearly $7.7 million judgment against an agricultural employer for discrimination and harassment of foreign workers.
  • The Guardian covered a new study that found that sexual harassment training may have a negative effect. 
  • After being told “pregnancy is not part of the uniform,” a woman was terminated.  She filed a new lawsuit.
In other developments: