Monday, November 14, 2016

That is SO last week

Employment law commentators spent much of last week speculating about the impact of a Trump administration on workplace laws and regulations. HR Dive summarized the results of state minimum wage and marijuana initiatives and covered changes that may occur to the Affordable Care Act. Reuters reported that labor unions anticipate major changes to labor regulations, and Fast Company speculated on the future of labor and employment law under a Republican administration.
  • A McDonald’s in Arkansas will pay $103,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit brought by the EEOC, alleging the restaurant fired an employee after learning he was HIV-positive.
  • A Pennsylvania staffing company will pay $72,500 and undertake substantial remedial measures to settle EEOC charges of race and sex harassment of the company’s employees by the employees of a customer.
  • Facebook was sued for discrimination in employment and housing based on its practice of allowing advertisers to target specific “ethnic affinities.”
  • A new artificial intelligence app for HR managers is being developed that would answer HR and benefits questions and find answers if necessary.
  • In an interview with Diginomica, HR industry analyst Josh Bersit said HR professionals need to act as curators of workplace technology, focusing on creating a work environment with technology that suits employees.
  • Triplebyte announced that its credentials-blind recruiting platform has been used to successfully screen 12,000 engineers using an online programming test and technical interview—without screening any resumes.
In Other News