Monday, April 3, 2017

That is SO last week

There was a lot of discrimination law action last week, including the announcement of a $12 million settlement to be paid by Texas Roadhouse.  The EEOC brought an age discrimination suit against the Louisville, Kentucky-based restaurant chain on behalf of job applicants nationwide who claimed they had been denied front-of-house positions because of their age.  The settlement requires Texas Roadhouse to change its hiring and recruitment practices, hire a diversity director, and consent to monitoring of its compliance with settlement terms.


The EEOC announced that it will hold a meeting on April 5 to discuss “The State of the Workforce and the Future of Work.”

SHRM and the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources recently sent a letter  to the EEOC with suggestions for improving the agency’s proposed guidance on preventing harassment.

Two African-American women sued Fox News, alleging a pattern of top-down racial harassment.

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News paid $13 million to five women to settle allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

NPR reported on the Illinois Attorney General’s investigation of age discrimination built into some online job websites.

A disability support services company agreed to pay $100,000 and furnish other relief to settle an EEOC suit alleging a practice of firing employees with disabilities who needed extended leave or reassignment, rather than providing them with reasonable accommodations.

A panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that an employee may bring a sex discrimination suit under Title VII for sex-stereotyping based on sexual orientation.


HR Dive discussed the benefits and risks of Internet of Things devices for companies with large and mobile workforces.

Bernard Marr, a contributor to Forbes, suggested that a company’s HR data may be more valuable than its financial data.

Jon Hyman wrote for Workforce about a recent Fourth Circuit decision upholding an employer’s decision to fire an employee because of the employee’s social media activity.

MacDonald’s Canada announced that the records of 95,000 job applicants were stolen in a recent data breach.

Ere Media covered the recent announcement by online job board America’s JobLink Alliance that the personally identifiable information of up to 4.8 million job seekers in ten states may have been compromised in a recent hacking incident.

In Other News

The recent Thinx scandal highlights the importance of maintaining boundaries in the workplace.

Uber finally released its employee diversity numbers, calling the release the first step in its efforts to improve diversity.

Quartz mapped American wage growth over the past 35 years.